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400TPH Andesite Portable Crusher In Indonesia

The raw material is andesite, which has relatively high hardness; and the project faces constraints on equipment operation space due to site limitations. Additionally, the project is under a tight schedule with a short construction period. Understanding these challenges, SBM recommended portable crushing plant. SBM meticulously designed the operational area and process, offering comprehensive support for installation and debugging, resulting in seamless production.

Design Scheme

  • Raw Material: Andesite
  • Capacity: 400T/H
  • Equipment: Portable Crusher Plant (with main machine PEW760+ HPT300)
  • Application: Construction aggregates

Product advantages

  • 1. Low Foundation Construction Cost

    On site, only the road surface requires leveling and compacting to establish working conditions, eliminating the necessity for cement foundation leveling and hardening. This significantly reduces the project’s construction material costs.

  • 2.Energy Saving

    The highly efficient main machine is lightweight, generating low impact loads, consuming minimal energy, and promoting energy savings.

  • 3.Easy Installation

    The HPT300 cone crusher in this series of portable crushing plant features a vehicle-mounted hydraulic lubrication station. With the convenience of requiring only an external power supply upon site arrival, it can swiftly transition into operation mode. This saves substantial on-site installation time and labor costs, ensuring an easier installation process.

  • 4.Large Capacity

    The crushing plant implements a “screening before crushing” approach, which pre-screens fine materials to enhance the overall production capacity of the entire plant effectively.