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MK Crushing And Screening Plant



To meet customers’ demand for large-scale crushers, and for quick installation and transition of projects, SBM has been continuously developing new integrated mobile crushing and screening plants.


MK Semi-mobile Crusher and Screen (Skid-mounted) is developed on the basis of NK Portable Crusher. It enables the assembly of the production line on the flat ground without the need for a concrete foundation or with only a simple foundation. The crusher and the belt conveyor on which are integrated, occupying a smaller space. It can totally meet the needs of customers for fast installation, low investment, and high productivity.

Product Advantage

  1. Foundation Installation Not Required

    Each crushing and screening module is supported by an independent frame, which adopts skid-type structure to contact with ground as large as possible, effectively avoiding uneven force distribution in point contact. As long as the chassis is level, the production can be started.

  2. Rapid Production

    The MK adopts integrated modular design and can be hoisted and transported as a whole, achieving rapid assembly and production within 12 to 48 hours.

  3. High-quality Machines

    All main machines are, developed and designed by SBM, specialized and mature, which feature high production efficiency, small volume, high output, few failures, convenient maintenance, and stable and reliable operation.

  4. Convenient Maintenance

    The framework design and the maintenance platform provide sufficient maintenance space, which ensures the convenience of on-site checks and maintenance.

  5. Automatic Lubrication System

    It is equipped with an automatic lubrication system for the crusher, eliminating the need for frequent manual oiling, which not only saves labor cost, but also greatly reduces the cost of lubrication oil.

Product Composition


The MK crushing and screening plant offer a wide range of capabilities, including coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing, shaping, sand making, and screening. These plants can be customized with various combinations to meet specific user requirements, with capacities ranging from 50 to 450t/h.

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