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NK Portable Crushing Plant



After more than 30 years of experience in designing and producing crushers and screens, SBM has developed the NK Portable Crushing Plant, which boasts higher efficiency. Equipped with high-quality crushers, the NK Portable Crushing Plant can operate much more stably and achieve higher capacity. This compact and modular plant requires less installation space. Additionally, it features adjustable supporting legs, built-in belt conveyors, and an integrated electrical control system to facilitate easier setup and faster transportation.

Product Advantage

  1. Integrated Control System

    NK Portable Crushing Plant adopts integrated control with a user-friendly PLC system featuring a simple and clear touch screen interface. By only pushing buttons, automated production can be achieved. The intelligent production process allows for safe production and helps reduce failure rate of equipment.

  2. General Modular Design

    NK Portable Crushing Plant consists of 30 different models. It adopts the overall modular design that allows for easy interchangeability of parts. Various modules can be quickly assembled, reducing the production cycle and meeting the needs of users for rapid delivery.

  3. Solid and Compact Framework

    NK Portable Crushing Plant has simpler design and simplified structure. Body framework adopts straight girder steel, which increases strength and improves equipment reliability and production efficiency.

  4. Non-concrete Foundation Installation

    The plant is equipped with adjustable hydraulic legs to adjust the body chassis.It can be easily set up on a solid surface without the need for extensive groundwork or foundation installation. This design allows for quick access to the working mode.

  5. High-performance Main Units

    SBM’s NK Portable Crushing Plant chooses high-performance main units to prolong uptime and improve quality of final aggregates, so that it can create more profits for customers. The use of high-quality crushers and screens ensures the stable output.

Product Composition


The NK Portable Crushing Plants offer a wide range of capabilities, including coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing, shaping, sand making, and screening. These plants can be customized with various combinations to meet specific user requirements, with capacities ranging from 100 to 500t/h.

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