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What Is The Minimum Of 57 Jaw Crusher?

What Is The Minimum Of 57 Jaw Crusher?

Release Time: 2024-07-10

57 jaw crusher, full name PE-500 × 750, belongs to the smaller crusher of the jaw type crusher; because the equipment is small and light weight, it is easy to install, many users who run the gravel farm like to buy such crushing such crushing The machine, the cost is not large, and it can meet the production needs;

In the sandy field operation, many users value the discharge of the 57 jaw crusher. Generally, the jaw crusher is a primary rough crushing equipment. What is the granularity?

How Big Is The 57 Jaw Crusher Maximum?

According to the size of the inlet port, the maximum material cannot exceed 500-750mm. How much stone can the 57 jaw crusher be treated in one hour? According to the parameter table, up to 110 tons.

What Is The Minimum Output Of The 57 Jaw Crusher? Check It Out

The size of the crusher’s outlet determines the grain size of the material of the material. Take the 57 jaw crusher, the material outlet is 50-100mm. Under normal circumstances You can freely adjust. It can be said that it is also consistent with the actual situation, but due to the nature of the processing raw material, the adjustment of the discharge port, etc., will also affect the minimum granular granularity of the 57 jaw crusher. The details are as follows:

1. The nature of the processing material will affect the granularity of the dismissal

Excessive processing raw materials are not easy to be crushed during crushing, so the size of the block is large, the granularity of the dismissal is not uniform, the smaller the hardness, the easier it is to be broken, and the granularity of the dismissal is very fine; It is easy to block or stick to the crushing deep cavity, which will also affect the granular size of the 57 jaw crusher.

2. Adjust the size of the discharge port, determine the size

The 57 jaw crusher is to adjust the size of the outlet building through the front and back of the elbow plate. The user can adjust it according to the size of the granularity you want. To make the raw material small granularity, you need to adjust the discharge port to small. The minimum material range of the 57 jaw crusher is what is the range.

57 Jaw Crusher Minimum Output Particle Size

On the market, many crusher instructions are written in the manual that does not match the actual production, so many people have questioned to see if the granularity of the 57 jaw crusher can reach 50-100mm. machine:

Before the test machine, the manufacturers of Shibang Group chose large rocks as the main processing raw materials. When inserted, the material was uniformly fell into the 57 jaw crusher deep cavity, and then crushed in the deep cavity. Tests, we found that the granularity of the 57 jaw crusher is consistent with the actual operation, and the crushing strength is strong, and the operating efficiency is very high.

The Price Of Buying A 57 Jaw Crusher

For small and medium -sized crusher, the price of 57 jaw crusher is relatively affordable. In terms of the 57 jaw crusher of the Shibang Group, the manufacturer is a factory direct sales, and the equipment directly faces users. It can be obtained around 10,000, and it can also be tailored to configure more economical production plans for users of different needs. For free consultation, immediately obtain a detailed discount price of 57 jaw crusher. You can also visit the manufacturer for free.