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Which Stone Crushing Machine Is Used For Processing 13mm Stones?

Which Stone Crushing Machine Is Used For Processing 13mm Stones?

Release Time: 2024-07-10

Hello, on your question, please answer it for you in detail, please see:

Products of 13 stones, that is, 13mm, or 12mm granular stone finished products. Generally, stone of this specification is the stones used in the standard construction industry in the market;

The Ingredients 13 Stone Crusher

There are 13 stones specifications, and there are many types of crusher on the market. According to the size of the material outlet, it is divided into rough crusher and fine crusher; 13 finished product specifications; and the specifications of fine crushing machines are 5-10mm, 10-20mm is very in line with user needs; however, there are many types of fine crusher. The specific understanding is as follows:

Stone Crusher: Heavy Hammer Crusher

The heavy hammer crusher, also known as the heavy hammer plastic surgery, the heavy hammer crusher; it is a stone crusher of three kinds of unique specifications of rough, medium, and fine -grained.

The outlet can be easily adjusted:

By improving the traditional replacement of the bars to adjust the granular granularity. Now it is designed with no bars, which can be adjusted according to user needs.

Can be plastic, crushed

The heavy hammer crusher can directly break the raw material into the 13th stone specifications, saving the second and third -level crushing process; in addition to breaking the raw material, it also has a plastic surgery function, which improves the utilization rate of stone raw materials.

Multiple output specifications, any choice

The heavy hammer crusher has different inlet port size, the processing capacity of tens of tons to hundreds of tons is divided into multiple models, which can be used to choose from

Stone Crusher: Single-Cylinder Cone Crusher

Single -cylinder cone crusher is an enhanced version of the cone crusher, and it is an upgraded version of the multi -cylinder cone crusher; suitable for medium and fine fragments with hardness or high hardness of medium gravel raw materials;

Switch in the middle and fine broken

Only by replacing the fixed cone can be easily completed, the middle and fine crushing of the single -cylinder cone crusher can be easily broken.

double insurance, strong stability

The device can be raised and surrendered by a single hydraulic cylinder to complete the degraded and overloaded protection. It can be automatically stopped when it comes to non -crushed foreign objects. The safety factor is high and the stability is strong.

Which Crusher Of The Stone Crusher Is Better?

It is better to see which stone crusher is better, considering the quality of the equipment, but the important thing is the actual production of the user; from the perspective of the output of different stone crusher, the output of each device is different, so it is better for user production requirements to be better. Stone crusher.

Some users may ask, which stone crusher is more suitable for me? As a Shibang Group with many years of production experience, free selection can be provided for users of different needs, or on -site customization.